Aspin AGM 2019

October 25, 2019 Aspin News, Staff Tags: , , , ,

Celebrating success across the business and ending the day with food and drinks.

Nathan Aspin, our Managing Director, kicked off the Annual General Meeting with an overview of the past 12 months and what to expect in the forthcoming year. Aspin have seen outstanding growth throughout the business in 2019, in both new customers and welcoming new employees. Next was Aileen, delivering an excellent presentation on the projects our PixSell team are currently working on, projects being taken on in 2020 and the amazing work they have done to ensure that the projects that have gone ‘live’ have been a seamless process for all involved. Just before we all had a 10-minute break, Andy, our Marketing Coordinator gave us all a brief overview on Aspin’s marketing activities, including the success of our customer workshops, social events planned for staff and the Aspin re-brand…to be continued.

Once we had all had a moment to stretch our bones, Nigel delivered a very ‘thought-provoking’ talk on product customisation, using his vast knowledge of a cricket bat. Remember, when you buy a ‘cheap, off the shelf bat’, it may look like a bat, feel like a bat, but will you play your very best game with it? Taking over from Nigel, we had our very own Harvey updating us on InterSell projects that have gone live, are in test and in development, unveiling new modules and features that have been developed this year and new payment gateway integrations that are in the pipeline that offer a broader variety of integration options to our customers.

With just 3 presentations left, we had Kevin on the very latest with PixSell v3 and Aspin’s move to Microservices, Martin educating us all on customer feedback surveys, helping us to understand the things we are excelling at and areas to Improve. Finally, our sales team, Doug and Jon going through examples of the conversations they have with businesses and how Aspin has improved sales and processes on a case by case basis.

So, Aspin’s’ AGM 2019 came to an end, 2020 will be a very exciting year for us all. The time came for all to head to the Cromwell Arms for food, drinks and fun.