How Aspin’s partnerships benefit the mutual client

January 14, 2020 Aspin Uncategorized Tags: , , , , , , ,

We can confidently say that our customer support is highly regarded amongst clients and something that we continuously monitor and improve.

Finding software companies that offer non-competing products to a mutual customer base continues to be a priority for Aspin. These partnerships thrive on like-minded businesses coming together to offer their clients a selection of solutions that both complement and supplement each other. The most obvious example of this is working with ERP vendors and re-sellers to integrate our sales applications with the client’s back office system.

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To assist us in being a proactive, profitable and considerate partner, we contacted several ERP vendors and re-sellers earlier this year to find out what they look for in a partner. It emerged that they are seeking evidence of three key competences:

  • Proven customer support record
  • A ‘customer first’ attitude to business
  • Ability to plug functionality gaps in ERP systems

Aspin’s customer support record went through its own rigorous survey earlier this year which saw Aspin score exceptionally well with an NPS score of 81+. We can confidently say that our customer support is highly regarded amongst clients and something that we work hard to maintain high levels of.

Without detracting from the focus of this article, each of our product offerings use a subset of ERP data to provide various services to our clients’ sales teams, retail customers/stockists, and in-house staff. Examples of these services include trade ordering websites, iPad ordering for sales teams and product data exports. These services generally sit outside what is expected of an ERP/back office system, which is why a partnership of this sort can be so effective for client retention.

Now that we have identified what vendors want in a partner, we feel well equipped to both re-energise our existing partnerships and establish new working relationships. This will be a priority for our 2020 road map, as we have evidence to suggest that we fit the desired partner profile.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of partnering with Aspin or would like any further information about the research we have conducted in 2019 please contact Nathan Aspin on 01794 500200.