Your product images, videos and documents – collectively known as ‘digital assets’ – are an extremely valuable part of your business.  The SkooCloud DAM enables you to efficiently store, manage, share and archive your assets in its single cloud based environment.  DAM has a user-friendly interface providing access to your digital assets from any location with an internet connection. All digital assets are protected with secure access levels for each user dictated by their role and relationship with your business.  

Populating the DAM is quick and easy and it offers instant access to your latest and archived digital assets. This enables you to simultaneously share any combination of assets with your head office users and third parties such as customers and suppliers.

Backed by Amazon Web Services (AWS), SkooCloud connects Aspin’s products together and empowers you to make better data-based decisions.

Benefits to company

  • Import, manage, retrieve and archive digital assets throughout one central hub
  • Organise your assets using folders and tags
  • Store a variety of file types including images, PDFs, videos, MS Office documents
  • Select and share assets with third parties via email or with view-only monitored access

Benefits to your customers and suppliers

  • Improves your reaction time to requests for digital assets
  • Provides direct access to digital assets for customers and suppliers via restricted user-level access
  • Enables autonomy for third parties that use your digital assets


  • Ensures access to your digital assets from any location on any device with an internet connection
  • Flexible storage options that grow with the size of your company
  • Combines all assets from duplicate locations on your server
  • Availability to assets 24/7
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SkooCloud DAM factsheet

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