Each product has a variety of attributes; some may be unique, others may be shared across similar product lines. These combinations of attributes make up your product specification – forming an essential part of your product data. SkooCloud PIM enables users to combine the data imported from your ERP, SkooCloud DAM and other imports into one central system. Additional attributes created within the PIM supplement your core data benefitting your entire business; taking into account product development, technical, finance, supply chain and marketing. PIM will become the comprehensive view of your product information, which will have a positive impact throughout your whole business.

PIM data is easily exported to an Excel template, such as a retailer ‘new line’ form by simply selecting the preloaded template and product line(s). Utilising PIM information in this way will transform your data into a flexible, accessible and malleable business tool. You’ll save time collating data from multiple sources, crucial in helping you meet the commercial demands of your business.

Backed by Amazon Web Services (AWS), SkooCloud connects Aspin’s products together and empowers you to make better data-based decisions.

Benefits to company

  • Centralised product data and specification
  • Enhanced product data
  • Secure user-level permissions for your head office departments and third parties
  • Visibility of the latest validated information
  • Customisable attributes for data building
  • Increased operational performance

Benefits to your customers and suppliers

  • Improves your reaction time to requests for product information
  • Supports commercial requests with simple export to Excel templates e.g. retailer ‘new line’ documents
  • Consistent reporting formats provide better, professional internal and external communication.


  • Accepts data from multiple sources
  • Combines this data from a number of sources to avoid data duplication
  • Automates product information updates
  • Ensures access to your product information from any location
Does responding to customer requests for product images and data get in the way of your day job?
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